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Oceanic Air Traffic Control on 5600 LSB

On January 26th of 2013 I came across some HF ATC (Air Traffic Control) traffic on 5600 LSB.  It was interesting to listen to and it sounded like the ATC controller was in or around New York from what I

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Comcast Kills ClearQAM in the Metro Richmond, VA Market

It was last year when Comcast said they would eliminate their ClearQAM offerings of basic and OTA channels.  (See this article HERE for example.) It looks like that has come to pass in the Metro Richmond area.  Not too long

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My Cat Transfixed By The Google World Cup 2014 Doodle

The US is doing well in the World Cup 2014 tournament from what I hear.  We beat Ghana yesterday.  But Soccer is not my sport of choice.  However my cat seems to be transfixed by the Google Doodle for The

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Deploying RDS on a Budget – Review of the Inovonics 703 INOmini RDS Encoder

  It is hard in the independent non-profit radio spear to keep current with technology.  Even staying current with technology that has been around for a while.  RDS is one of those technologies that many of those stations do without

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It’s time to Reset The Net

Click on the picture below to find out more information.  

Help Fund Reading Rainbow for the Next Generation

LeVar Burton, the host of the PBS program Reading Rainbow, has started a Kickstarter campaign. He has ambitious and noble goals in mind as well. Burton wants to “bring Reading Rainbow back for every child, everywhere. And “you don’t have

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Product Review: Ambient Weather WS-10 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor 8-Channel Thermo-Hygrometer with Min/Max and Alarm

Ambient Weather’s WS-10 8-channel Wireless Thermo-Hygrometer packs in a lot of features for a very affordable price. The display console comes with three indoor/outdoor thermo-hygrometer transmitters (F007TH) that work with other Ambient Weather products as well. The included instructions made

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Weighted Mean Score Excel Spreadsheet

I am subjecting myself to taking statistics during the summer semester.  In truth, I have put this class off for almost 20 years.  To finish my degree I must take this class…and pass it.  Statistically speaking you have a better

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The Most Obvious Place To Fly A Kite Is Around Power Lines

  I was in Rockwood Park in Chesterfield Co., VA today and saw this sign as I was walking through.  I wondered to myself…”You really have to tell people that?”  Or is Chesterfield County afraid they will be sued if

I Want to Learn How to Play Chess – The Rules of Chess Being Offered for Free on Amazon Kindle

     I have always wanted to learn how to play chess.  People would assume that I was in the chess club or could play the game.  And they were surprised when I said I didn’t play.  One of my

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