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Bi-Weekly Mileage Report Created With Google Sheets

  How to Add Auto-Advancing Dates to a Spreadsheet Created With Google Sheets (And how to create a basic mileage and related expenses spreadsheet for that matter.)   The Quest I needed to find an expense report template that could

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Air Traffic Control – Explained

Air Traffic Control explained so everyone can understand it. A few years ago I was presented with one of the best “live” explanations of the air traffic control system (ATC).  A docent at the National Air and Space Museum’s Udvar-Hazy Center,

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The History of the Virginia Ferry Corporation

My Father, William (Butch) Baxter, has had an interest in the Chesapeake Bay Ferries since he was a kid.  In recent years he has been able to research and learn a great deal about the ferries of the Virginia Ferry

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Help Fund Reading Rainbow for the Next Generation

LeVar Burton, the host of the PBS program Reading Rainbow, has started a Kickstarter campaign. He has ambitious and noble goals in mind as well. Burton wants to “bring Reading Rainbow back for every child, everywhere. And “you don’t have

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Weighted Mean Score Excel Spreadsheet

I am subjecting myself to taking statistics during the summer semester.  In truth, I have put this class off for almost 20 years.  To finish my degree I must take this class…and pass it.  Statistically speaking you have a better

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Free K-12 Textbooks From

     Amazon is offering free K-12 textbooks on almost any subject from the CK-12 foundation. The CK-12 Foundation is a non-profit that strives to bring down the cost of education and increase access to education in the US and

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