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Richmond Frost Fest 2015

Last Saturday, 2-7-2015,  the annual Richmond, VA Frost Fest took place at the Richmond International Raceway (RIR)  complex.  It was one of the best ham fests I have attended in years.  There were a lot of national vendors as well as some

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Air Traffic Control – Explained

Air Traffic Control explained so everyone can understand it. A few years ago I was presented with one of the best “live” explanations of the air traffic control system (ATC).  A docent at the National Air and Space Museum’s Udvar-Hazy Center,

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If You Use These Guys Its a Sure Sign Your Marriage Will Go To The Dumps Pretty Quick

Always consult with a wedding entertainment professional, like Gwin Entertainment, when your plan your wedding.  They will recommend the best vendors and make sure your wedding experience does not lead you to the dumps. Likewise you need a competent and professional broadcast consulting engineer,

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Oceanic Air Traffic Control on 5600 LSB

On January 26th of 2013 I came across some HF ATC (Air Traffic Control) traffic on 5600 LSB.  It was interesting to listen to and it sounded like the ATC controller was in or around New York from what I

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Deploying RDS on a Budget – Review of the Inovonics 703 INOmini RDS Encoder

  It is hard in the independent non-profit radio spear to keep current with technology.  Even staying current with technology that has been around for a while.  RDS is one of those technologies that many of those stations do without

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Help Fund Reading Rainbow for the Next Generation

LeVar Burton, the host of the PBS program Reading Rainbow, has started a Kickstarter campaign. He has ambitious and noble goals in mind as well. Burton wants to “bring Reading Rainbow back for every child, everywhere. And “you don’t have

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RCI (Radio Canada International) Signs Off – Is Shortwave Dead Part: 2

       A few weeks ago I wrote about Shortwave broadcast radio and what looks to be its coming demise.  To add to that I just learned that Radio Canada International has signed off the air for good on

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Is Shortwave Dead?

(From the Original Site.  Recently discovered in a forgotten back up.  Circa early 2012)      Recently, I decided to sell my DX-398 shortwave receiver that was modded by the world famous LOWBANDER.  I set it up a few months

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