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If You Use These Guys Its a Sure Sign Your Marriage Will Go To The Dumps Pretty Quick

Always consult with a wedding entertainment professional, like Gwin Entertainment, when your plan your wedding.  They will recommend the best vendors and make sure your wedding experience does not lead you to the dumps. Likewise you need a competent and professional broadcast consulting engineer,

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The Most Obvious Place To Fly A Kite Is Around Power Lines

  I was in Rockwood Park in Chesterfield Co., VA today and saw this sign as I was walking through.  I wondered to myself…”You really have to tell people that?”  Or is Chesterfield County afraid they will be sued if

Life Automated – Confessions From My Disorganized Life

I have been working on this side project for the radio station.  The goal of the project is to have something to deliver an audio stream of older music from our music library that our listener might like to hear

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