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I was first licensed as an amateur radio operator in 1991 as a Novice with the 5 WPM code endorsement.  I then earned my Technician in 1992.  I was active with the local club as a teenager and didn’t do too much operating other than at club events and on 2 meters.  I didn’t have the money for the expensive HF gear at the time.  As I grew into adulthood I got distracted with other things and moved into the world of commercial broadcasting and left Amateur Radio behind for a while.

I allowed my license lapse and was not active for over 14 years.  I sat for my Technician’s exam again in February of 2014 and got my license back! In October of 2014 I passed my General exam.  I already had a HF radio and was eager to jump on the bands that the upgrade to General allowed.  As of this writing I have spoken to 15 different countries, participated in a CQ DX contest, and have had a blast over all the bands.  You can see some of my most recent contacts at the bottom of this page.

My call sign is WB4BAX.  My manager at one of the radio stations I worked at is a ham and had always encouraged me to get my license back.  He would always say “Hey Bax, you need to get your license back!”  B-A-X is also the first three letters of my last name.  I applied for the vanity call WB4BAX in part as homage to Dave Morgan, WO4S, for his constant encouragement over the years.  Amateur radio is in part a constant learning and mentoring experience.  I know I have benefited greatly by the knowledge and mentorship of others and I am glad to pay it forward at any opportunity that arises.

There are many great resources out there that can help you on your way to getting your license.  Gordon West, WB6NOA, produces some great training material for those interested in becoming a licensed Amateur Radio operator.  Also the website hamtestonline.com is a great resource to prepare for the license exam.  And the best resource of all is the ARRL.  The ARRL is the “National Association for Amateur Radio.”




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