Like a Rolling Stone…

Like a Rolling Stone…


I wonder how much my lack of action on some things in my life has caused greater problems for me down the road.  “I’ll get around to it” or “I will take care of that soon” is more often heard from me then “I will do that right now.”   I am a good example of a procrastinator.  It took me two years to get a flower bed put in.  I still weigh about what I did this time last year…and the year before that…and the year before that…etc.  Even though I have been saying for years I need to lose weight. For many years now I have said things like “32 pounds to drop before I turn 32” or “35 pounds before I turn 35.”  Now I really need to lose something like 60 pounds before I turn 36.  Inaction leads to no action and no progress.

Today I am using this forum as a confessional.  I am declaring I need to take action.  A rolling stone may gather no moss but a sedimentary stone just seems to get bigger and attracts the bags of Doritos around him.  And that stone goes nowhere fast.  Currently I have a good job that I thought would be around for a while.  I slowed down the pace on my schooling and industry certifications because I got comfortable where I was.  I was thinking “What’s the rush?” and “Why hurry.”  With my good job going away now in a few short months I can painfully see where inaction is starting to lead to no future.  Job prospects are slim and not having my degree and more certifications are going to prevent me from getting a decent job in my field.  There is a price to pay for inaction.

I think back to when a handful of men changed the world for good.  Jesus said to go and tell the entire world about him.  What if they said back to him they would eventually get around to it?  As our inaction to bring about change in our personal and professional lives can cause stagnation and possibly unemployment, spiritual stagnation can literally take the life out of you.  God has been nudging me along lately and you all have read some of the things that came to mind in my limited quiet time with Him.  I also feel that I am being rebuked a little by God as well.  I think he is saying to me “I gave you many opportunities to do great things with your life and career for My glory and you have been stagnate!”  And I agree with that.  I have been blessed with each job opportunity that has come along in the last decade or so.  I have been given great opportunities for professional and personal growth and I’ve taken advantage of those opportunities in the most minimal way.

Bad habits are hard to break and I need to break them.  So I ask for accountability partners here.  I need to do a number of things to get back on track:

  1. Not be stagnate in my relationship with God.
  2. Not be stagnate in my relationship with my family and friends.(Boy I have been bad with this one lately to.)
  3. Maintain focus and action on the short term goals that need to be quickly achieved.   (Certifications, Find a Job, Finish College, Lose Weight, Pay off Debt)
  4. Maintain focus on the long term goals as well.  (Continued growth in faith, employment and education)
  5. Become a rolling stone and shed the moss and the fat.  (Not a groupie for a rock band.)
  6. Remember what Dave Ramsey says and teaches about being a good steward with money.

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