I have always enjoyed watching the weather.  When I worked in live radio I always enjoyed looking at the radar during storms and giving live updates from what I saw on the radar map.  If I was better at algebra I think I might have become a Meteorologist.    I have a weather station at home that I have set up in the back yard.  It streams live on the internet to Weather Underground, CWOP, Web Page and a few other places.

It’s neat to watch the weather and see how it affects everything.  Weather  impacts you more than you think about more than likely.  Below you can find the live stream from my weather station and some links to other weather sites I think you might find interesting.

Citizen Weather Observer Program – The Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP) is a public-private partnership with three main goals: 1) to collect weather data contributed by citizens; 2) to make these data available for weather services and homeland security; and 3) to provide feedback to the data contributors so that they have the tools to check and improve their data quality. In fact, the web address,, stands for weather quality assurance.  –  View the CWOP data my weather station submits by going here.

Weather UndergroundWeather Underground provides local & long range Weather Forecast, weather reports, maps & tropical weather conditions for locations worldwide. In addition, Weather Underground also provides a number of free and professional weather services.

NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is a federal agency focused on the condition of the oceans and the atmosphere.

The National Weather Service – The National Weather Service brings up to date weather information to the masses. This site also has great images from weather satellites.

Skywarn – Skywarn is keeping communities safe through timely and accurate reports of severe and hazardous weather.  As a ham radio operator I have participated in the Skywarn trainings and am a trained spotter.  I am affiliated with the NWS Wakefield (AKQ) amateur radio Skywarn team.  You can find out more about out bit of observable sky and the NWS Wakefield (AKQ) amateur radio Skywarn team by going here.

WeeWX – Open source software for your weather station: This is the software I use to update the weather data from the weather station to CWOP and weather underground.  It also updates and maintains the data for this website.  This is currently running on a raspberry pi.  You can see the data and the page it creates by clicking here.

NOTE: Sometimes the data sample doesn’t sync with the update.  So there may be a minute or two where you don’t see the data.

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